As you all know I am heading off on maternity leave this Autumn term
(and however long recovery/baby brain may need-i can take 18years right?) and there has obviously had to be some changes to teachers/timetables.

Baby is due 7th October, however throughout the summer i have been monitored closely for various reasons with the possibility of being induced early-yikes!!
This is now just over 5 weeks away.

I wanted to make sure you had a little bit of any idea of what is going to be happening the first few weeks back, as all of my maternity cover Chloe, Amy and Rachel have holidays booked.

Mon 5th Sept – Chloe’s Ballet Classes will be covered by EMILY

Wed 7th Sept – Chloe’s Jazz/Contemporay Classes will be covered by EMILY

Fri 9th Sept– Rachel’s classes will be covered by GEMMA

Mon 12th Sept – Amys Classes will be covered by GEMMA

Mon 19th Sept – Amys Classes will be covered by GEMMA

I apologise for the crazy start to the term but as you all know it is not cheap to book a break away during school holidays and it is not fair for me to deprive any of my faculty of their time out.  Amy and Rachel had both booked these and informed me of them before I offered them the position.

Fingers crossed I will be ok to teach/shout out instructions for these lessons, unless an induction is brought forward, of which i’ll let you know as soon as possible.
I do hope to be into a routine of the new term as soon as possible and I hope you all understand.

 Please take a look at our September 2016 Timetable if you are unsure of any changes.
This mainly affects our Tuesday classes which have been moved to a Friday.

Many Thanks for your understanding

Gemma x