We offer the opportunity to participate in exams
in all areas of the Performing Arts.

Whether they be with ISTD, RAD,

We offer this experience to all ages but they are not compulsory.

Participating in exams ensures the student is progressing through grades to the highest possible standard
that is based nationally not just within our school.

We aim to have exams at least once a year, as the students spend part of the year studying syllabi and part rehearsing for shows. Students will take different lengths of time to reach the appropriate standard so we will work to the individual as much as possible..

To submit students into an exam we need to have enough for a full day in order for an examiner to come to us.
We also have to take our Ballet, Tap/Modern and Drama exams separately due to them being with a different exam board.

The student needs to be confident enough to perform exercises with skill and knowledge as well as perform solos when required
e.g. an amalgamation and dance.

Advanced Students will need to go to London Headquarters for exams.


RAD – 2nd July 2022