What Stage Plus Mean To Me #Sam

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What Stage Plus Mean To Me #Sam

Sam Nix is mum to three girls, Emily, Becky and Harriet, who have all danced with Stage Plus.

Sam has been involved heavily with us since I took over 10 years ago helping with shows and admin work. She has also been running RYT for 4 years. 

”Stage Plus, what does it mean to me? My first thought, when answering this question was the endless trips to Princes Risborough, forced daily visits to Tesco, and limited money in my pocket! My two youngest do 17 classes a week between them, I had even less money, before my eldest went off to do a dance degree, and she was dancing every night too! It doesn’t end with lessons, there are endless hours of rehearsals, shows, festivals, fetes, examinations and performances. Oh and before I forget, the planning of our summer holidays each year to make sure we can do Showbiz, still the highlight of the Nixes summer holidays regardless of holiday destination on offer. I know for a fact if it was one or the other, I would not be getting a holiday!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m no dance mum, I can’t French plait hair or do anything more complex than a neat ballet bun, and that’s taken years and years of practice, Gemma still has to do this for me. I can’t do make up, unless you want to look like a clown, but I have learnt to sew elastics and ribbons on with precision, to understand ballet terminology, to critique and to make costumes. All skills learnt since Emily decided to join Stage Plus, and Miss Jan decided she had potential.

So what have I got out of Stage Plus? Three happy girls with a passion for dance and musical theatre. They are never bored, and always have something to look forward to.

They have a great set of friends outside of school, and so do I, with other dance mums and the staff. I also seem to have gained many new kids over the year with the many who have come round, and continue to visit.

Em is now studying dance at uni, and Stage Plus gave her such a good grounding in technique and performance that it is showing in her achievement. Sadly I still have two left feet and my ballet solo, or even the dancing hotdog remain a dream, perhaps one day I will surprise you all and take a lesson. Stage Plus however allowed me to learn to make costumes, stage manage, help design shows, all skills which meant taking over RYT was not so daunting.

Gemma and her teachers have given my kid’s life skills, self confidence, performance and the identity of belonging to something really special, a family of sorts.

I am not sure my other two will follow their sister in to this profession, she promises to be back to teach one day, but I am sure they will carry on dancing and performing for many years to come, and me, well I will be there, driving them to lessons, and standing on the side of the stage proud of every step they dance.”

Sam Nix

As 11th June 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of myself as Owner and Principal of Stage Plus, I wanted to publish a blog post per week talking about what Stage Plus means to people, written by a variety of people including faculty, parents and students, past and present!

If you would like to write a little bit about your time at Stage Plus please email it to me with a photo.