What Stage Plus Means To Me #Jess

What Stage Plus Means To Me #Jess

This weeks blog post is by
Jess Lewis, a Mum of one of our Junior Dancers Brooke and a Stage Plus Graduate herself! 

“My name is Jessica Lewis and my daughter Brooke attends Stage Plus.
As a former pupil myself when my daughter was old enough to join there was no other dance school I would’ve rather sent her too!
Stage Plus is a fantastic school that feels like a family unit and Brooke always comes out of class happy and is always excited to show me what she has learnt.
Gemma offers a wide range of classes with options of doing festival competitions and always plenty of shows to be a part of which are fantastic to watch.
I love how happy Brooke is here and look forward to many more years of seeing her confidence and abilities grow.

Jessica a.k.a proud dance mum x


As 11th June 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of myself as Owner and Principal of Stage Plus, I wanted to publish a blog post per week talking about what Stage Plus means to people, written by a variety of people including faculty, parents and students, past and present!

If you would like to write a little bit about your time at Stage Plus please email it to me with a photo.