What Stage Plus Means to Me #Harriet

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What Stage Plus Means to Me #Harriet

Harriet Nix is 13 years old and takes classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Pointe and Drama (10 lessons a week).

She has also participated in many of our Workshops, Festivals and Shows.

”Stage Plus has been in my life for 11 years now and I really don’t know what I would be without it. I have met many great friends while trying new things and staying fit and healthy. 

All the teachers are amazingly friendly and help us to become confident performers, whilst having bundles of fun at the same time. 

Stage Plus has always been my family and it always will be.
I love every little thing about Stage Plus and I am sure every other student will agree.”


As 11th June 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of myself as Owner and Principal of Stage Plus, I wanted to publish a blog post per week talking about what Stage Plus means to people, written by a variety of people including faculty, parents and students, past and present!

If you would like to write a little bit about your time at Stage Plus please email it to me with a photo.