What Stage Plus Means To Me #Sophie

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What Stage Plus Means To Me #Sophie

Sophie Hill-White is a Current Student.
She is 14yrs old and takes classes in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Jazz.
She has also participated in Showbiz, Workshops and Festival Troupes.

“Stage Plus. Where do I start!
There’s all the fantastic teachers that work hard to help us reach the best we can be, the amazing people who work hard behind the scenes to produce costumes etc, the family where I have met some of the best people ever, and the confidence that you grow over time. Saying this, I have been at stage plus for a much shorter time than some of the other students but my confidence as not just a dancer, but a person has grown dramatically. Having such a close group of people around you to support you is the most important thing you could ever need, and that’s exactly what you get at stage plus. 

I have met so many amazing people here and I have the most hilarious memories with them. I’m so glad that I see them every week, and I perform with them at the incredible opportunities we get. 


If I didn’t have Stage Plus, I would still be a much more timid person and I would not have learned to take the chances we have been given and turn them into something you will remember forever.

Thank you for pushing me to my limits and believing in me.

I honestly have no idea what I’d be without Stage Plus.”

As 11th June 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of myself as Owner and Principal of Stage Plus, I wanted to publish a blog post per week talking about what Stage Plus means to people, written by a variety of people including faculty, parents and students, past and present!

If you would like to write a little bit about your time at Stage Plus please email it to me with a photo.