What Stage Plus Means To Me #Emily

What Stage Plus Means To Me #Emily

Today’s Blog Post is from Emily Nix a graduate student who is currently studying Dance at Roehampton University.
Emily also guest teaches for us at Stage Plus.

‘I can safely and confidently say that being a member of Stage Plus School of Performing Arts is largely responsible for making me the person I am. Stage Plus admittedly may have taken up 90% of my teenage life but I would not have changed it for the world. As a dancer and performer I was pushed and nurtured by some of the most supportive teachers I’ve ever met, and simply as a person I was allowed to grow and figure out who I wanted to be in a safe and loving environment. I have found friends through Stage Plus that will stay with me for life, and also found the confidence to keep up with them.’

‘Gemma Tanswell, although I probably shouldn’t admit it it, has been one of the most influential people in my life so far. This may partly be due to the fact that over 10 years I’ve probably spent more time with her than she has with her husband (sorry Ben!) but also because as my teacher she has created the perfect balance between advising me on teenage drama to then being able to shout at me because I’m about to have a hissy fit about triple time-steps. She has put her life and soul into creating a dance school more like a family unit than any other I have known. She has invested herself into supporting not only students, but also graduates who are trying to make it in the big bad adult world. Over the last few years Gemma has also given me the opportunity to teach for Stage Plus, allowing me to grow in confidence as a teacher and enjoy every second of it, even as I experience being on the other side of a temper tantrum about triple time steps…!’

‘I can only hope to become as established and adored
as Gemma is a teacher, and Stage Plus is as a school.’

As 11th June 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of myself as Owner and Principal of Stage Plus, I wanted to publish a blog post per week talking about what Stage Plus means to people, written by a variety of people including faculty, parents and students, past and present!

If you would like to write a little bit about your time at Stage Plus please email it to me with a photo.


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